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We aim to establish compatibility with your facial features when it comes to creating your new smile. Finding a new smile is a really specific process as there is no actual definition of beautiful.  

Because of our deeply ingrained standards of beauty, we generally look for inconsistencies, for flaws. This is called Defect Dominant Analysis, and since we tend to assess attractiveness in faces, all human beings strive to do this. Whether it is crooked, broken or discoloured teeth,  our goal will be to help our patients get a smile that will align with their facial characteristics.

After a thorough assessment and consultation, 

Esthetic Imaging & Simulation: we build your new smile on a wax model and clinically simulate before/after images so that you really can assess how your new smile is achieved.  We welcome you for the Esthetic Preparation appointment, where we prepare the teeth and make impressions which can then be sent to the lab for the final product.



We utilize a Dento-Facial Analyzer to determine ideal tooth proportions for your face. We ensure symmetry in the final result. We look for details like 

  1. Smile Harmony

  2. Colour

  3. Lips and Lip Corridor

  4. Smile Line

  5. Display, Height & Width

  6. Gums & Embrasure

  7. Axal Incline (Straightness)

  8. Evaluating Old Fillings and Dental Work

  9. Light Refraction and Gloss

  10. Tooth Size

  11. Tooth Shape

We have a lot of experience in esthetic dentistry and have transformed a lot of smiles. Reach out to us for a new smile. 

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