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orthodontics and invisalign


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment like traditional braces but cooler. It can help patients get a beautiful smile and can be used and can also align the bite for people with mild to moderate misalignment. Invisalign treatment can also be used in individuals with an overbite, cross-bite, or underbite. With clear plastic aligner trays, the procedure is done to change the teeth into proper alignment gradually.  The trays can be quickly taken out, enabling patients to take care of their oral health and wellbeing, flossing and brushing as they are used to. 



  1. Invisalign aren't braces glued to the teeth. They can be removed at the discretion of the patient. 

  2. Invisalign achieves results that are precise as digital imaging is used to create the trays.

  3. The trays are transparent, and they enable the patients to be confident of their smiles even when they are wearing them. 

  4. Invisalign is cost-effective and is quicker and less difficult to manage than traditional braces. 



After they visit to get their problem assessed, our expert dentists decide whether the patients could be candidates for Invisalign treatment. After that, the dentists make a series of 3D digital impressions. The impression is then sent to the laboratories to create personalized precision trays that the patient could wear. The severity of the misalignment will determine how many trays a patient will need. Our dentists will guide you on how long you should wear a tray to get the results desired. 

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