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When you lose your teeth and decide to do nothing about it for a long time, there is uncontrolled bone loss, affecting the jaw significantly. This makes it difficult to restore your smile to your dental implants, bridges or even dentures as there is very little bone for support. The good news is that the damaged bones can be rebuilt through modern bone grafting techniques. This is a very recent addition to modern dentistry, and we are very proud to offer it to our patients.


  1. Autografts:  Harvested from the body to be grafted into the jaw, the dentists find this to be the ideal solution.

  2. Allografts: These are bones obtained from human donors. After various tests and sterilization to ensure that it is compatible with your body, the bone is then grafted into your jaw. 

  3. Xenografts:  Harvested from animals; Emdogain (enamel matrix proteins) is collected from growing teeth in pigs and treated to make it biocompatible and sterile for human use. Dental implants may be used for this process. 

  4. Alloplastic grafts are synthetic materials that are human-made for medical purposes. Your body may not accept the graft depending on its material. But it may be enough to place dental implants. 

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