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Full and partial dentures

Partial/ Full Dentures or the only solution for problems like "Edentulism" - a person with no natural teeth in their mouth. Although dentures are not modern dentistry, a lot of advancements have made them more comfortable and preferable.

We use acrylic plastic material to create gums that are identical. We also ensure that we utilize the best material for your needs. 

Comfortability may be the main problem for most patients with dentures. They may feel the denture rubbing against their gum tissue when they chew. But the mouth adapts to this new method. 

We suggest Implant-supported "overdentures" when patients face such problems. They help your dentures stay in place, and there is generally very minimal to no rubbing against the gum when chewing.


If you are a patient who is already wearing dentures and have been finding the fit of them altering, it will be because of the changes in tissue due to age and other factors. Reach out to us to create a modernized version of them. 

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