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Crowns, bridges &



A Crown is an indirectly-fabricated restoration covering a tooth to restore it to its standard shape and size. Crowns are used both to better the appearance of a tooth and to make it stronger.


  1. Support for a cracked tooth with a broken filling.

  2. When a piece (cusp) of a tooth is damaged or broken.

  3. To relieve the pain and discomfort when teeth are broken. 

  4. As a part of the root canal procedure to ensure that it doesn't break.

  5. To better the appearance of teeth that are out of shape.


Metal, metal and porcelain, ceramic materials, resin materials, reinforced resin or combinations of these techniques can be used for crowns. 

The variations are mainly in price, endurance, aesthetics and biocompatibility. 

In most cases, when a tooth requires a crown, two appointments are necessary. The tooth is prepared on the first visit to match the crown's height and thickness by extracting its outer part. 


We assess the tooth and take an impression. We make the mold so that the crown is customized for your tooth, thereby enabling it not to have complications later. We may attach a temporary crown until you come back for a second appointment for the final one. 


Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. We may sometimes use Fiber-Reinforced (non-metallic) besides the materials that are used to create crowns. We alter the shape of the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to build a bridge. 

Certain kinds of Fibre-reinforced resin bridges can be created at one appointment.


It is crucial to get a bridge when you are missing a tooth as it may cause complications in the future. A missing tooth may not seem like a problem initially, but it causes a lot of strain on the other teeth as they begin to alter in positions slowly. This leads to gum damage, bone loss and a difference in facial features. A bridge will prevent such complications. 


A Crown, Bridge or Veneer, once created, is attached to the tooth that needs it. It needs to be cared for once done. Fibre-reinforced bridges may break and require maintenance and will last as long as they are serviced periodically. It is advised that you brushed as usual; the dentists may suggest you an alternate technique to brush and floss. It is essential to follow them, and you must also strictly adhere to follow-up appointments. 


In the case of a "full mouth reconstruction," we may use a combination of Crowns, Bridges and Veneers. 

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