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We believe that when children are around one year of age, it is an excellent time to start unless you are concerned about a specific problem.
Before this time, we ask that when the first teeth come out, start brushing their teeth with a small finger cot brush, damp cloth or infant's toothbrush with saltwater. This should be done at least once in the morning and once at night after the last "meal."

To avoid "baby bottle decay," avoid using milk, juice or sweetened liquid as a bedtime pacifier. Minimize sucking or pacifiers or thumbs at this stage to minimize orthodontic problems. We advise that you use children's non-fluoridated toothpaste since kids swallow the toothpaste at that age. Your child will learn by watching your example when brushing but needs your supervision.

The first visit is a great time to familiarize your child with the dental office and our caring team. We try and make the first visit a positive and fun experience. It certainly helps us look for any signs of dental disease and plan for prevention. Your child can sit in the chair or even in your lap while you are in the chair. At that age, children often appreciate rewards for good behaviour and learn by example. Motivate your child before the appointment with positive words. Talk to your child about the positive things they can expect, such as clean teeth, a fun experience and excellent dental team experiences.

At that visit or a subsequent visit, we offer gentle polishing to remove excessive plaque. We often provide advice on better brushing and advice on encouraging and rewarding good "dental" behaviour.
Sometimes, if your child is frightened or uncooperative, it may be necessary to reschedule the appointment. For some children with extensive dental problems, limited mouth opening and challenging behaviour, we may need to refer them to a Pediatric dentist (a specialist in kid's dentistry) for their care.

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